Lake Como- Summer 2019

It is with bittersweet feelings that we venture into our last August trip as ex-pats here in Europe. I'm sure it would be hard to draw up much sympathy when I say that knowing it is our last big trip, we have felt a bit sad thinking about all the "lasts" for now. But, there… Continue reading Lake Como- Summer 2019

Bittricks in Paris

Our neighbors from Greenville, the Bittrick family were planning a trip to Europe this summer and it just so happened that they'd be in Paris the first week that the boys were out of school/ our first week of summer! Finn is one of Wells' best buddies from Greenville and when they were smaller, they… Continue reading Bittricks in Paris


  One of the biggest surprises about living in France has been the incredible differences between each of the different regions throughout this relatively small country. Every region has its own personality- each is known for different specialty foods/wines while having their own own natural and historical landmarks as well, it's as if each region… Continue reading Normandy