Welcome to our Blog!

For the next 3 years, we have been given an amazing opportunity to live in Clermont-Ferrand, France.

From the moment we landed, every single detail of life is essentially different and a whole new experience. Though it can be frustrating at times to learn a new way of doing things, we remind ourselves daily of the uniqueness of this opportunity. We are prepared to make every day an adventure as we adjust to life here.

****A BIG disclaimer:

I am NOT a writer. English was by far my worst subject. You will find grammatical errors and misspelled words (WordPress automatically auto-corrects to the British spelling of certain words) and my writing will not be eloquent or witty or entertaining. While we definitely are NOT tour-type tourists, we ARE gastro-tourists, so there is lots of writing and pics of our foodie adventures. Sometimes I may add in a little history, most of the time I probably won’t. The thought of writing a blog puts me WAY outside of my comfort zone!! ¬†However, life is short and our time here in France much, much shorter. We wanted to find a way to chronicle our many experiences (good and bad) so that, years from now, we can return to these pages and relive the many details which we may sadly forget. So here goes!